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Tigersharks Summer Sensations

Tigersharks have had lots to celebrate in the last eight weeks. May saw Tigersharks once again crowned winners of the Doreen Clark Trophy for the most outstanding results in the Wiltshire BagCat Competition

Doreen Clark - Despite being one of the smaller clubs in the county Tigersharks produced the most BagCat finalists of any other club and also came out on top on the medal table and Age Group Best times.


ClubNos1st 15pts2nd 9pts3rs 6ptsAGBT 20ptsTotalPercentage (%)Place
Tigersharks 200 450 306 246 40 1042 521.00 1st
Trowbridge 361 525 396 210 20 1131 313.30 2nd
Swindon Dolphin 481 660 279 138 40 1117 231.20 3rd
Bradford on Avon 375 540 180 138   858 228.80 4th
Salisbiry Stingrays 421 240 207 108 40 595 141.40 5th

Regional Competition - Moving on to the Regional Competitions in May and June once again Tigersharks were in outstanding form making numerous finals and producing medal winners and BagCat finalists. Rebecca Cook (15) shone in the 200m Breaststroke to bring home a Bronze medal in an outstanding final swim. Rebecca Maddocks, OliverHowitt, Conor Keye and Elliot Willoughby all swam very well to make Age Group finals. Dina Nejkic was electric in the 100m & 200m Breaststroke events to take silver in both swims, While Andrew Smith cruised to Silver in the 400m IM and bronze in the 400m FC, he was also awarded an outstanding 2nd place overall in the 11 year old BagCat competition. Marshall Fitchett showed his power in the 400m FC to take the Silver Medal and after finishing 4th in four finals Benjamin Walker was finally rewarded with an overall 5th place in the BagCat Competition. Once again Tigersharks were praised for producing such talent at ASA South West level.

Open Water - Meanwhile in the Wiltshire Open Water Competition Tigersharks were topping the rankings once again. Fast improving, Abigail Cook in her first outing in Open Water swimming smashed the age group and the Junior Age Group to take first place in both and was just pushed into 2nd in the Senior competition. Marshall Fitchett took the 11 year old 750m title very closely followed by Sam Dubarry who cruised to Silver. Nathan Kennet who has made huge strides this year took the 14/U title and came 2nd overall in the Junior Championship. A great run of results for Tigersharks


Wiltshire County Competition comes to and end with Tigershark’s producing 18 BagCat finalists for 2014


Tigershark swimmers wrapped up a very successful three days of competition last weekend by once again producing the most BagCat award winners in the BagCat competition.

Tigershark’s won an incredible 25% of the overall awards up for grabs. They h a swimmer in the top six of each age group with the exception of two and onc again had multiple winners in some age groups. From Back to Front, Left to rig Andrew Smith, Marshall Fitchett, Ben Walker, Luke Morgan, Nathan Kennett, Jasmin Poole, Dina Nejkic, Octavia Durrant, Megan Adamson, Leia Griffiths, Juliet Durrant, Harri Crook, Samuel Morgan, Charlotte Purvis, Alexander Reev James Andrew & Rebecca Maddocks & Miles Farrington (not pictured).
9 year olds Leia Griffiths & Juliet Durrant dominated the age group winning 90% of the events across that age group with Leia taking the top spot and Juliet the runners up position. Harri Crook, James Andrew and Sam Morgan were also in outstanding form to take 2nd, 4th and 6th place respectively in the boys 9 year age group and Alex Reeves snatched 6th place in the 10 year old boys. The 10 year old girls saw a repeat outstanding performance from Dina Nejkic, Megan Adamso & Charlotte Purvis who were a resounding 1, 2 & 3 in their age group while the 11 year olds boys saw Tigershark’s take 4 of the six spots with Miles Farrington, Ben Walker, Andrew Smith and Marshall Fitchett coming in 2, 3, 4 & 6th place. Octavia Durrant swam very well to take 5th place in the 12 year girls and Luke Morgan took 5th place in the 12 year old boys. Jasmin Poole and Nathan Kennett produced great swims to take 6th place in their 13 year age groups. Rebecca Maddocks had a great run of swims in the Youth competition to take 2nd place in the 14 year old girl’s age group.
For the third year running Tigershark’s have seen the most BagCat swimmers receive awards in the overall BagCat competition and to date have seventeen of their swimmers qualified for ASA South West Regional competition in 2014. An outstanding performance from our 9-14 year olds.
Meanwhile the Youth competition came to a close with Sean Purvis (pictured right) winning the Junior Championship title in every event he entered. This is an outstanding achievement for any swimmer and shows the incredible diversity this young man has to swim from 50m to 1500m in all strokes. Purvis also featured in many of the Senior Championship presentations. Bethany Wakefield and Rebecca Cook also had a great youth competition where Beth Wakefield was crowned Junior Champion in the 100m, 200m and 400m FC and Rebecca Cook in the 800m FC and 400m IM. Both girls also took places in the senior championships. Oliver Howitt produced outstanding Breaststroke swims to feature in the Junior Championships and Ben Edwards did the same in the Backstroke events to feature in the Senior Championships. Sophie Roberts was still well into the mix in the Backstroke and Freestyle events in the Senior Championship awards as was Elliot Willoughby, Emily Weston, Conor Keye, Rebecca Maddocks, Jasmin Poole, Abi Cook & Lisa Cowley in Junior and Senior Championship awards.

A great year for Tigershark’s swimmers in the 2014 Wiltshire Championship and Age Group competitions.


Tigersharks swimmers dominate in numbers at the Junior and BagCat Age Groups at the Wiltshire Long Distance Competition.

Tigersharks swimmers were in outstanding form at the recent Wiltshire County Long Distance Competition with medal winners in every of the 11 - 15 age group but 3 and dominating the Junior Championships. The competition got off to a great start with 11 year olds Gabriella Doughty and Mia Smith producing outstanding swims to take Silver and Bronze. Tivy Durrant just missed her Regional time in the 12 year age group to take bronze and Jasmin Poole and Abigail Cook took Gold and Silver respectively with outstanding performances in the 13 year age group. Rebecca Cook (15) was in great form as she easily won Gold and also went on to be crowned Junior Champion for 2014. Her Team mate, Lisa Cowley put in a sterling performance to take the Bronze in the same age group.

Miles Farrington (11) was in great shape as he produced a wonderful swim to take Gold and his Team Mate Luke Morgan replicated this as he took gold in the 12 year age group. Sean Purvis was not happy with his performance but he was a clear and easy winner of the 15 year age group and also the Junior Championship. Sean also [laced 2nd overall in the Senior Championship. Ben Edwards also put in a great swim to take Bronze in the 16 year age group. Tigersharks certainly turned the results around from last year with outstanding performances. Meanwhile at the Wiltshire County Sprint event another Tigershark swimmer was also blistering a path to success. 9 year old Amelia Skittrall powered her way to 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in her first ever Wiltshire Competition. Amelia stormed to 2nd place in the Breaststroke and Frontcrawl swims and a great 3rd and bonze medal in the Backstroke. A relative newcomer to competition Amelia showed no signs of concern in an of her events and looks set to also perform very well at the upcoming main block of the Wiltshire Age Groups. A great start to the Wiltshire competition for Tigersharks.



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