Club Policies

Club Policies


The aim of this code of conduct is to maintain our clubs reputation as a friendly and disciplined organisation and above all to ensure the safety and well being of our swimmers.

To successfully ensure this aim is met it is important to maintain standards of:

  • Individual behaviour and conduct
  • Respect for others
  • Attendance at training sessions and galas.

All Tigersharks swimmers will sign up to the following Code of Conduct and are expected to conform to it at all times.

Individual behaviour and conduct

  • Act at all times in a safe and considerate manner.
  • Do not use abusive language or act in an aggressive manner.
  • Observe lane discipline, have all equipment ready and move carefully around the poolside.
  • Be prepared to do their best at all training sessions.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited to all swimmers underage by UK law.
  • Smoking is prohibited by all swimmers prior to, during and after a competition or training session.
  • The use of drugs or substances other than for medical reasons is prohibited.
  • Details of any medication or health issues must be discussed with the squad coach.


Respect for others

  • Respect the squad and club coaches.
  • Respect the property of other swimmers and the leisure centres at all training sessions and galas.
  • Obey promptly instructions from coaches and at galas obey instructions from any officials on duty and the team manager.
  • Obey instructions from leisure centre staff.
  • Remain with the team at all times.
  • Support and encourage your team.
  • Accept defeat in your race with grace and show good sportsmanship.
  • Stay on pool side until the final result has been given and leave as a team together.



  • Swimmers should attend all training sessions as detailed by the squad criteria.
  • Swimmers should be on poolside ten minutes before the appropriate start time of each training session.
  • Swimmers should be available to swim in team events as selected by the club coach.
  • During team events swimmers should swim those races selected by the club coach with out question unless prevented by injury.
  • Team clothing should be worn as directed by the club coach or team manager.


Breaches of this code of conduct will be dealt with initially by the squad or club coach. A written report of the incident will be sent to the club secretary and the chairman. The executive committee will review each incident and take further action as deemed necessary.

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