Club Policies

Club Policies


Members of Tigersharks Executive Committee have a responsibility to lead and manage the Club to the best of their ability for the benefit of swimmers.

To successfully undertake this role they must maintain standards of integrity and confidentiality.

This code provides a framework to establish a professional management Team that will be recognised by all Officers and Members of the Executive.


  • Tigersharks Executive Committee will refrain from public criticism, direct or indirect, of other Executive members and Officers of the Club.
  • Once decisions have been taken, members will be open and honest with each other. Officers and all Executive members will positively implement decisions as one Team.
  • Any differences of opinion will be dealt with on a personal basis, in confidence and in private.
  • Any serious unresolved disputes, disagreements and/or grievances with Officers, Coaches, Swimmers, Parents or Officials will be referred to the Chairman. The initial report can be verbal but it must be followed up in writing.
  • Tigersharks Executive Committee will treat all representatives of other clubs and officials with respect, both in victory and defeat, and will encourage our swimmers and coaches to act in a similar way.


  • Members of the Executive Committee must retain confidential sensitive information, which they are made aware of in their role as Officers of the Club or Committee Members. They must understand what is confidential

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