Club Policies

Club Policies

1 Raising Questions regarding Coaching

If you need to raise any questions regarding Coaching, please in the first instance speak to your child’s Squad Coach.

Please remember to make every effort to speak to the Coach after the session has ended in order to maintain:

    • Confidentiality
    • Continuity for all swimmers in the squad

2. Concerns  of a more serious  nature regarding Coaching

If you feel you need to raise any questions regarding coaching of a more serious nature OR which can not be resolved by the Squad Coach please make an appointment to speak to the Club Coach

3. Formal concerns regarding the Club or unresolved Coaching  questions

If you feel the Coaching question has not been resolved or you have a question of a more serious nature please inform the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Club verbally and then in writing.

The Club will make every effort to investigate and rectify  all questions raised promptly, while maintaining confidentiality and keep you informed of progress in dealing with such matters.

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Tigersharks are always happy to hear from you.

For all ‘Competitive Training’ enquiries
please contact Lesley Leffers on mobile 07707 470100

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